Terms & Conditions

Posh Car Ltd - Terms & Conditions

  1. Customers will be charged for the travel booked, and route changes or additional pick up's and drop off's may incur extra charges. Additional travel is at the discretion of the driver and his schedule and availability for that day.
  2. Vehicles will only carry up to the stated amount of passengers which the Hirer has designated and agreed with the Company, we will not carry more passengers than we are legally permitted to do so.
  3. Posh Car Ltd reserves the right to provide alternative vehicle(s) to carry out the hire in case of vehicle breakdown or other unforeseen problems arising, such as delayed flight returns, although every effort will be made to provide an equally suitable vehicle. Posh Car Ltd reserves the right to sub-contract other vehicles where required. We will ensure they are licensed in line with private hire regulations.
  4. The hirer is responsible for the passengers, passengers failing to return on time may be left behind, passengers effected by drunkenness or drugs may be refused permission to travel for the safety of the vehicle, other passengers and the drivers decision is final. No refund will be available in these cases, full costs for travel will be charged in any event once hire has started.
  5. Soiling charge of £60 will be payable for a valet to any vehicle deemed un-necessarily soiled by clients. This will be charged to the person/business responsible for the hire.
  6. Posh Car Ltd or drivers will not be held responsible for the safety or custody of personal belongings, purchases, luggage or any other items carried by any passenger or left in the vehicle. Lost property should be reported to Posh Car Ltd and the police, in case it can be returned.
  7. All passengers MUST wear seat belts provided in all vehicles, Posh-car accept no responsibility or liability for injuries, accidents or death as a result of passengers failing to wear seat belts provided. Child seats can be provided and secured by the passengers providing these. Posh Car Ltd will not be responsible for the safety or fitting of child seats. We are exempt from the child seat law currently in place.
  8. Drivers are NOT able to take bookings, all future bookings should be made directly with Posh Car Ltd booking number 07930340857 or kev@posh-car.com  Posh Car Ltd will accept no responsibility or liability for bookings made with a driver, and passengers will not be insured either, unless placed with office and business owner.
  9. Wedding car bookings, Posh Car Ltd will make every effort to provide clean vehicles, but during wet days and travel on country roads we are not always able to maintain the cleanliness of the exterior due to spray and mud and will not accept liability for marks/stains/dirt on clothing or wedding dresses. We may require time to clean the entrance/exit where possible. Our sincere apologies if this happens
  10. Wedding cars may be changed at short notice if vehicle breakdown occurs or any other serious problem arises. In these events the bookings moved to available cars subject to availability and clients will be notified at the earliest possible time in this event. Full refund may be available instead if requested.



  • 2 days notice is required to incur no charges for cancellation.
  • 1 days notice of cancellation of booking will incur 50% of booking cost to be invoiced.(24 hours)
  • Under 3 hours notice of cancellation will incur 100% of booking cost to be invoiced.
  • Failure to show up at airport for collection will incur full costs of booking and car parking to be invoiced for payment

Waiting time charges:
Chauffeured cars £20 per hour or £5 per 15 minutes (or any part 15 minute period)
Chauffeured minibuses £30 per hour or £7.50 per 15 minutes (or any part 15 minute period)

Airport parking charges: will be added to all airport collections where applicable, unless otherwise agreed.

Call & Collect Meet & Greet Options Available. Please speak to Kevin the owner.

Account passengers failing to show up at airports will be charged for full car parking costs on top of agreed fare.

We have had many overseas clients delayed at immigration and this has resulted in very high car parking costs incurred.

Passengers should inform us of delays at customs/immigration by phone. Failure to notify us may result in driver leaving, thinking you are not on the flight or at the airport.

(Passengers should notify us if they did not board flight at departing airport) at the earliest opportunity. This could save you or your company money.


Posh-Car Ltd Disclaimer:

We accept no liability for missed flights, trains & buses for delays caused by road accidents, flooding or weather conditions, theft, congestion, terrorist attacks or acts of God. Customers should allow additional time for airport transfers outbound, to cover for unexpected delays which may make you late for onward travel.
Every effort will be made by Posh-Car Ltd and its drivers to get passengers to their destination on time or early, passengers should check pickup times and enquire about any known delays to ensure they leave with enough time to complete the journey ahead and arrive on schedule.

Delayed flight returns may be subject to vehicle changes, we have other customers booking executive travel who's flights may be on schedule that need collecting also. Regular taxis or minibuses maybe used for delayed flights, although we will try to provide executive vehicles where possible. But we will still collect you.