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Derby Chauffeurs VIP Est 2007,

We maybe able to assist with private driver services Derby and Derbyshire for clients own cars. There could be many reasons you require a personal or private driver service Derby.

Have you recently been banned from driving for 6 months?

Have you had your license temporarily removed on medical grounds?

Have you recently had to surrender your licence on health or age related medical advise?

Have you been involved in an accident recently, and lost your confidence to drive?

We have taken enquiries and bookings for all of the above in the past 15 years from clients who are unable to rely on public transport to meet personal or business related travel requirements due to public transport or distances, especially under the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

The most popular request we get is from business clients or business owners who have finally reached to many points or have been caught driving while under the influence of alcohol. Many of these clients need to travel to manage their business’s, or visit clients locally and UK wide. Some travel considerably in the effort to manage their business.

We maybe able to help with short term private driver services Derbyshire, but these roles come with strict conditions to ensure the chauffeur driver does not lose out on their general earnings from our company chauffeur business.

  • We need clients to add driver to their own car insurance, so their cars can be used.
  • We require a contract for a minimum number of hours per week.
  • We do not operate a call and drive service, all working hours require pre-booking.
  • Fuel is the responsibility of the client.
  • Chauffeur driver can be booked for weeks or months including overnight trips away, but all expenses are clients responsibilities. This is perfect for clients who have lost their licence but wish to still go on UK holidays or business trips.

We can provide private driver services Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire for local or UK wide travel in our own vehicles. This would include additional costs if our vehicles and fuel is used. This is the usual chauffeur services we provide and is ideal for international visitors wishing to do sightseeing tours UK wide.

Private drivers Derby, we only have experienced English speaking drivers familiar with UK related driving, although some of our drivers do travel internationally for personal reasons.

All our drivers are licensed in line with council taxi licensing regulations, but this is separate to requirements needed to drive client cars. Our private drivers all have clean licenses free of points and are available for 1/2 or full day hire, we are unlikely to be able to assist with hour bookings or 1 way trips, this is taxi work.

We are looking to assist with long distance or full day hire for clients looking to manage their business commitments or meet schedules they can not do with public transport. We are happy to consider UK vacation tours and overnight trips for elderly or clients wishing for someone else to drive for them.

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